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Welcome to the official website
of PromMontazh-SPB construction company LLC!

We are a forward-looking provider of general construction work, electrical equipment installation, laying of cables and low-current systems, and wells and utilities installation.

Since 2014, we have extended our operations to a new area – repair of concrete, piling and grooved foundations of hydraulic installations, submerged and in varying water level using diving chambers.
We ensure on-time construction and commissioning through state-of-the-art management and engineering technology, high performance materials and many years’ experience. Superior quality and commitment to all our obligations are our main competitive advantages.
Founded in 2006, throughout the years of successful operation PromMontazh-SPB has established itself as a trustworthy company that manages its business in strict compliance with the criteria of reliability, current quality standards, responsibility to society, its customers and partners. The Company’s strategy focuses on continuous improvement, increasing competitive ability and business performance.

We adhere to a policy requiring use of the most cutting-edge technology and active development of in-house innovative solutions.

Today PromMontazh-SPB is a cohesive team of qualified specialists capable of solving tasks at any level of complexity. The company leadership has high professionalism and substantial managerial experience that provides for the company’s stability and growth.